Buyers Guide

Why Go Tankless?

There are two basic types of water heater – storage and tankless. They both work as their names imply.

With a storage water heater, the water is kept and heated on site in a tank. The water in the tank is kept hot continuously by a heater. As you might guess, once the tank is empty it can take some time for it be full of hot water again.

A storage water heater does have some advantages at first glance, but these are all minor or eradicated over time. For instance they are cheaper to buy and install – but this saving is soon lost due to higher energy costs. That need to always keep and great big tank of water hot is very wasteful and expensive. Storage heaters have a strong flow of hot water – until the tank goes dry, and most of us know the annoyance of enjoying a shower only to have the hot water run out! The size of the tank can also be a disadvantage.

So the big disadvantages of traditonal storage hot water heaters – expense and running out of both water and pressure need to be addressed.

This is where tankless water heaters come in. A tankless water heater heats water on demand. The cold water goes through a pipe into into the tankless water heater. A heating element heats the water and the water continues through the pipe out of the heater and to the outlet that needs the hot water.

There are plenty of advantages to going tankless

* Money. This is the big one. You’ll save a lot of money with a tankless water heater. It uses much less energy and so costs a lot less to run. A tankless water heater will easily pay for itself in     savings over time
* Unlimited hot water. In my childhood we had storage hot water and it seems every morning we had arguments over somebody using all the hot water. Cold showers aren’t fun. Long hot showers are.
* Constant water pressure. Storage heaters start out with good pressure but as the tank empties the pressure can drop. Tankless heaters offer constant pressure.
* Less physical space
* May qualify for a tax deduction. Energy conservation is big these days and going tankless may even qualify you for a tax deduction.

While there is effectively no-contest in the storage vs. tankless choice, there is a minor disadvantage with tankless and that is they are a little more expensive to buy and install. But since that difference is made back many times over the life of the heater, the hip pocket favors tankless.

What to Look For in a Tankless Water Heater:

Fuel Type
There are two types here, gas and electricity. The key factor is how your home is already configured for both, and so how much modification your home will need to accomodate the heater.

Size and Demand
The more hot water outlets you have, the more flow you’ll need.

Why Buy Online

Two main reasons:
* Price. The best deals are found online
* Selection. You’ll be able to choose from pretty much every model on the market
* Convenience. Check that you’re getting a good return policy and you can choose right now and get this task out of the way.